Perfumed Nightmare 1977 full movie free

Perfumed Nightmare 1977

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Perfumed Nightmare 1977 full movie free

Perfumed Nightmare 1977 full movie free online : Firstly, A Filipino jeepney driver (Kidlat Tahimik) who idolizes America’s space program comes to reject the rapid encroachment of technology.

Mababangong Bangungot or Perfumed Nightmare is a 1977 Filipino film starring, written and directed by Kidlat Tahimik, who also edited, co-shot, and produced it. It tells the story of a young Filipino jeepney driver from Barangay Balian, Laguna infatuated the idea of space travel and the West who gradually becomes disillusioned after living in Paris. The film was well received by critics upon release, even earning the International Film Critic’s Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

Kidlat Tahimik’s direction in “The Perfumed Nightmare” expresses an expert craftsmanship, particularly within the realm of filmic symbolism. As was the case with his 1981 film “Turumba”, Tahimik’s involved, yet un-intimidating, style of story-telling shines in a tale of the painful conflict of cultures.

The notion behind the plot of “The Perfumed Nightmare” is nothing unprecedented. The mise-en-scene however, as manipulated by Tahimik, is a vibrant expressive mode in telling this story. The way in which it and he break the concepts of capitalism, modernism, imperialism, cultural identification, civil society and the western world down into elemental forms and strategically place them visually throughout the film is masterful and the true story is expressed artfully.

“The Perfumed Nightmare” is great place for any movie-watcher to start a foray into Third Cinema or just enjoy a beautiful, powerful film.

However, this movie still popular if we still watch it all the time because it is very comedy film.

Original Title: Mababangong Bangungot 1977, Pesadelo Perfumado 1977, Wyperfumowany koszmar 1977, Den parfymerade mardrömmen 1977, Der parfümierte Alptraum 1977

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Directed by Kidlat Tahimik
Produced by Kidlat Tahimik
Written by Kidlat Tahimik
Starring Kidlat Tahimik
Music by Hanns Christian Müller
Cinematography Hartmut Lerch, Kidlat Tahimik
Edited by Kidlat Tahimik
Production company Kidlat Kulog Productions
Distributed by Zoetrope Studios (US)

Genre: Drama,Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Country: Philippines
Filming Locations: Philippines
Language: Filipino, Tagalog, English
Length: 94 min
Release Date in Philippines: 01 January 1979
Image Width: 277
Image Height: 448
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 640
Video Height: 480
View: 100
ContentRating in Philippines: G
Publish Date: 2020-04-05
Content Is Family Friendly = Yes
Content Requires Subscription = False


Mang Fely as Kaya
Dolores Santamaria as Nanay
Georgette Baudry as Lola
Katrin Muller as Mutter (as Katarina)
Hartmut Lerch as Big Boss
Kidlat Tahimik as Kidlat

Produced by
Kidlat Tahimik … producer

Cinematography by
Hartmut Lerch
Kidlat Tahimik

Film Editing by
Kidlat Tahimik

Other crew
Patricia De Guia … production assistant

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