The Dancer 1978 full movie free

The Dancer 1978

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The Dancer 1978 full movie free

The Dancer 1978 full movie free online : Firstly, A simple love story between two souls, a beerhouse dancer and her lover, intensely in search for their place in the sun.


The story of a troubled dancer (Chanda Romero) who chose love over career only to find out that when she runs out of money love declines.

Letty (Chanda Romero), a sex model in a supper club “fashion drama”, is the kept woman of Ramon Vergara (Ben Rubio), a politician.He is enamoured with naïve amorality and rewards her with ample favors. Dingo (Phillip Salvador), her partner in the act, is a dreamer who hopes to become big as a legitimate fashion model. His unaffected ways are soothing and precious to Letty.

Ramon sets up Letty in a furnished apartment. His wife, Carina (Mona Lisa), expresses her disgust but allows his indiscretions as long as they remain as temporary arrangements. However, Ramon falls deeply in love with Letty and wants to have a child by her. Letty begins to feel the pressure. She does not want to become pregnant. She leaves the supper club and showers her affection on Dingo, who, it appears, is also in love with her. Ramon discovers the affair and throws out Letty. She is forced to live with Dindo in his small apartment. But Dingo is the practical type and aspires for a higher standard of living. The…

The Dancer 1978 full movie free online

The movie Mananayaw is my all time favorite Chanda Romero movie. Lino Brocka brought the best in Chanda in this heart-warming movie, a story of a troubled dancer who chose love between career only to find out that when her pocket is empty love declines. Chanda’s crying scene near the water pump is unforgettable; it will stay with you forever.

Chanda should have won the best actress award in that movie but I think because of her conflict with Lino Brocka during that time the critics (who sympathized with Lino) voted for Beth Bautista instead, who was also good in Baby Purcuna but weaker compared to Chanda’s impeccable performance in Mananayaw. Philip Salvador is also good in that movie although he was not nominated. And I think Philip and Chanda look good together. I hope I can get a copy of this movie in the near future.

However, this movie still popular if we still watch it all the time because it is very comedy film.

Original Title: Mananayaw (1978)

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The Dancer 1978 Mananayaw (1978)

Directed by Lino Brocka
Writing Credits Jose Dalisay Jr. … (story and screenplay)
Music by George Canseco
Cinematography by Jose Batac Jr.
Film Editing by Segundo Ramos
Production Companies Emperor Films (as Emperor Film International)

Genre: Drama,Melodrama, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Country: Philippines
Filming Locations: Philippines
Language: Filipino, Tagalog,
Length: 92 min
Release Date in Philippines: 14 May 1978
Image Width: 185
Image Height: 278
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 640
Video Height: 480
View: 100
ContentRating in Philippines: G
Publish Date: 2020-04-10
Content Is Family Friendly = Yes
Content Requires Subscription = False


Chanda Romero
Phillip Salvador
Marissa Delgado
Mona Lisa
Ben Rubio as Ramon
Rene Hawkins
Joey Luna
Alicia Alonzo
Fritz Ynfante

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